Cemetery Etiquette

A cemetery is a unique place. While it is part of the everyday scene, it is not part of everyday life. That is to say, it is a place where tranquility and quiet are the desired norm, and activities of everyday life should be suspended.

Making the Most of This Unique Place

Be reverent and respectful. 
Do not play intrusive music or create noise that would be deemed disrespectful.

Maintain supervision of children.
While the virtue of teaching remembrance to our children is highly valued, often times families have made consequential investments in their memorial tributes within the cemetery which command the utmost care and respect.

Exercise Care in walking within the cemetery.
Walking directly on a grave space should be avoided whenever possible. Doing so is typically considered disrespectful and can cause damage to a coping, headstone or similar type memorial.

Abide by cemetery rules.
The cemetery office will provide a set of policies and rules outlining operating hours, memorials permitted and those excluded, etc. These rules are designed to provide assurance to all families that our goal is to maintain a tranquil and groomed atmosphere for all. Non-permanent type memorials can become weathered and be blown onto others property owner’s property if not properly adhered to regarding type.

We encourage visiting during daylight hours.
While we respect your rights to visit a loved one, we cannot be of assistance during the evening hours and offer this advice for safety reasons as well.

Be mindful of litter.
We encourage you to be aware and if you see any debris that could be considered trash or litter while visiting, please report this to the office so that we can assure everyone a tranquil and well maintained vista.

Leash your pet.
We require that you to leash your Pet while on our grounds in order to maintain control over the pet.

Avoid grasses areas with vehicular traffic.
Drive slowly and be alert to others in the cemetery. Exercise particular care around pedestrians as they may be distracted or in a state of solitude. Paved areas may be more narrow than normal. We recommend caution for safety purposes.

We encourage respectfulness and reverence.
Speaking in a lower volume of voice is encouraged. Positive expressions and or encouragement can help in the healing process.

Solitude is often desired of visitors.
We encourage you to be mindful of others rights to privacy while visiting.

We caution any “contact” with others monuments or memorials.
Most of our client families are very sensitive and protective of their property. Any removal or damage to another’s Memorial will likely result charges for the same. It also could result in the need for repairs if the memorial is aged.

Photo taking is permitted with the exception of photos of other people and or during services without specific permission.
Respect for others cannot be overstated during any visit to the cemetery. You may encounter a funeral procession and or service while visiting the cemetery. A non-distractive distance should be maintained.