Designing Your Funeral

We like to simplify things for our client families. First we explore a family’s preferences as a beginning to the process of planning a service. Often times, family groups are clear on this point, but in changing environments, families’ preferences can vary as well. We pride ourselves in delivering the care and services the fit each family we serve. We do things the way you want them done. Once those decisions are made, we help you refine the personal touches in designing a Funeral or Memorial Service that best expresses and celebrates the life of the one you love

Choosing Burial

Choosing Burial

The Southeast quadrant of the United States is forecasted to uphold traditional funeral values over any other areas in North America. While cremation grows as a preference, the majority of North Americans still choose to bury their loved ones and to select burial for themselves. Here are some reasons why some choose burial as a preference.

- Burial often times is a traditional within your family, religious group, or geographical area.

- You may not like the concept of cremation.

- You may prefer to protect the human remains from external elements.

- You may value a place of permanence such as a cemetery burial in order for future generations to have a place to reflect on family ancestry and linage.

Should burial be your preference, we can guide you in the selection process that will deliver the greatest value at the best cost and at the same time fulfill your families’ desires. We here to help you and we do things the way you want them done.

Choosing Cremation 

Families who choose cremation often hold the belief that it is better to honor the memory of the person, more so than the physical remains. Families have expressed some of the following preferences in selecting cremation:

- Cremation had evolved as a traditional in their family, religious group, or geographical area

- Some believe that the cremation process expedites the return of ones physical being into a more natural condition in sync with nature.

- Some share a concern for environmental resources. Sometimes expressing a desire for a more virtual memorial as opposed to a permanent physical resting place such as cemetery.

- Some perceive cremation to be a more economical means of disposition.

Should Cremation be your preference, we are here to guide you in the selection of the most up to date options available. Quite often, your options can be more liberal as it comes to personalizing a Memorial Service for your loved one. We encourage you to personalize as each person is unique.

Creating a Celebrate-A-Life Service

Creating a Celebrate-A-Life Service 

Once a determination is made for the type of Funeral Memorial Service that best suits your family, the finer details can be focused upon in the process celebrating the life and honoring your loved one. Together, your family can design a service at the time, place and in a manner which best honors the life to be celebrated. Some elements of choice are the following:

- The time, day and place for the service to be held

- Individually selected Poems, Prayers, Passages and musical selections

- Life experiences unique to your loved one's hobbies, interests, achievements and individual characteristics.

- We will provide guidance in helping you customize and refine the details of a truly memorable memorial service for your loved one.

History has shown from the earliest of human communities and later civilizations, that a Ceremony of Remembrance is a common way to affirm the love held in the hearts of those living within the community for the deceased. This has been shown to be a natural thing to do, and also has been determined to be a first and important step in the process of healing. We are here for you and guide you in creating the most memorable and meaningful service to honor your loved one. We do things the way you want them done.

We Strive to Do Everything in Accordance with Your Wishes

Making the best decisions now can deliver peace-of-mind for you and your family for years to come. We council and guide you in making the decisions that will meet your needs now, and in the future. This is a special time in your life and that of your family. Therefore it is our goal not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for the information you seek without obligation.

What's Next?

Now that we've outlined a few of the basic elements, it's time to reflect and deliberate on what you feel may be most appropriate for yourself and your family. Whenever possible, open a private discussion with your loved ones to collaborate feelings and desires. If you feel advice would be beneficial, or just need the answer to a question, we encourage you to call and speak with one of our highly trained professional funeral planners at (228) 374-5650 or at any of our convenient locations.