What Makes Us Different

Why Choose Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Homes? The purpose of this section is to explain what makes Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Homes Different and as a result a better choice over the local competitors.

  • Personalized guidance in designing funeral tributes.
  • Complete autonomy as family owned and operated to meet needs.
  • Highly trained and proficient staff.
  • Our business practices are centered in high ethical standards.
  • We offer six conveniently located facilities along the Mississippi Coast, two cemeteries and Mississippi’s first crematory facility.
  • Our Service value for the money is unparalleled.
  • We back this up with testimonials from families we’ve served.

Excellent Staff 

Many of the signature services that make us different are possible due to our desire to be the best. We seek and screen only the best staff personnel who consistently deliver meaningful service year and year out. The challenge for us is to integrate only the best who seek to join our team. In delivering service, our goal is to put the family at ease in making otherwise difficult decisions. Our funeral directors ability to interact with each family with gentle confidence is paramount and considered to be one of our most valuable assets. A funeral is an event that involves proper coordination and execution of a number of details. We pride ourselves in doing things the way you want them done. Seamless service delivery allows the family to be at ease and focus oncelebrating the life of the one they love. Our management philosophy center in an excellent staff is as follows:

  • Attract the best and brightest in our business, those that truly have a heart to serve others.
  • Retain our staff by affording them the very best training and working conditions in order to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Empower the staff with the autonomy to serve you in at the highest level possible with full access to the resources of the firm.
  • Maintain a follow up regiment dedicated toward serving you even after all immediate services are completed.

The results of these development traits are that consistently strive to provide each family with the very best team of professional staff in South Mississippi. We have weather the test of time since 1865 in satisfying families in these localities. Numerous families each year stop and take a moment in time to write reflections of thanks for the manner in which we care for them. We are convinced that we have the best Funeral Directors and Mortuary Science Technicians in South Mississippi. Our staff knows that in order to deliver personalized service time and care must be given and these should not be hurried. We receive feedback from client families, on the caring and personal service provided by our Funeral Director staff. Our staff is here to serve, whether it’s answering your questions on the phone or in person, in our facilities or in the convenience of your own home. We are here for you. While our families rate us at the very top in our quality surveys, we don’t take this for granted. Our commitment to Excellence is greater than ever and our company culture dictates our tireless desire to improve. 

Value for the Money 

Are we the funeral home offering the lowest published prices? Possibly not. Do we seek to be the funeral provider offering the lowest published prices? Not necessarily. So, why would Bradford-O’Keefe be the best choice for value? When you pay our service charge, you are engaging a highly trained team which will work to serve you and your best interests. When you seek a provider of service offering the lowest published prices, you generally can expect to receive what you paid for and on occasion, should be mindful of legal qualifications and representations made. Sometimes businesses us a bait and switch tactic where the low price offering is to get you in their door before revealing other charges. If value is your biggest concern, then we welcome comparing the quality of our facilities, services and caring staff to providers anywhere. There’s no better referral than from someone who has prior experience with our organization. We invite comparison.

We structure our charges such that we can deliver the best possible service, merchandise and facilities for our families while achieving a sound, conservative financial condition to sustain our business operations. Our philosophy of service to our families dictates putting their best interest before anything else. It’s this type of unconditional commitment that sustains loyalty in our customers. We design our services to meet a budget satisfactory to your approval and then deliver un-paralleled service value.